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Healthiest Dog Breeds to Choose as an ESA - 2021 Guide

Some dog breeds have many health problems, and they cannot provide you better emotional support. Choose the emotional support dog carefully when you adopt for ESA. For adopting the emotional support animal, you need a valid ESA letter.

When you adopt an emotional support dog, make sure it is healthy and has fewer health issues. In this article, you get a list of dog breeds with the least health problems.

An emotional support dog helps people who suffer from mental and emotional disabilities. A  legally register emotional support dog  makes your life better, and you can avail of numerous benefits.

When you have difficulty choosing the best dog breed that has fewer health issues, don't worry, we collect a list of dog breeds. Choose from them and make your life stress-free.

The Australian shepherd is the best emotional support dog that you can easily bring at home. This dog breed has fewer health issues related to skin and coat. Australian shepherds live for 12 to 15 years. They require occasional grooming, and with little training, they make the best emotional support animal. With a legal  ESA letter for housing , you can easily live with your pet without paying any additional fee.

Australian cattle dogs also have fewer health problems. They have a strong immune system and body structure. This dog breed has fewer genetic diseases, and they live up to 15 years. They are playful and friendly. This dog breed is well-known for its high energy level and intelligence. Australian cattle dogs are the perfect family dogs, and they are great for people who live on a farm with other animals. Emotional support animal certification  is required if you travel with your emotional support dog.

The German Pinscher has fewer health problems than other dog breeds. They live up to 12 to 14 years and are very athletic. This dog breed has a high IQ, energy and is considered the healthiest dog breed. They do not work well with young children but a very healthy dog ​​breed. Sometimes they become aggressive and bark very high. So if you handle them, then choose this dog breed.

Bichon Frize is the healthiest dog breed and similar to a stuffed animal. They are very playful and best for those who are looking for a dog with fewer allergies. They work well with young children and are extremely loyal to their owners. They live up to 13 years of age, but the best emotional support dog for your mental and emotional disability. ESA registration  is required for your emotional support dog.

Border collies are a healthy dog ​​breed, and they are well-known for their intelligence and high level of empathy. This dog breed is very patient and easily tolerates both warm and cold climates without any problem. Border collies live up to 15 years, and they have the least health issues. If you adopt an emotional support dog for the first time, then a border collie is a perfect choice. Moreover, they are great for households with kids and make the perfect family dog ​​with little training.

Beagles are extremely good-tempered dogs and have fewer health issues. They are known for their great sense and live up to 12 to 15 years. Beagles are energetic, and if you make them engaged with multiple activities, they never get bored. They become the perfect family dog ​​and work well with children. With little training, they make a great emotional support animal. Get the  ESA letter online  and easily live and travel with your emotional support dog.

The Siberian husky is known for its beauty and fluffy coat. It is an energetic breed, and they have fewer health issues. They live between 12 to 14 years. Siberian huskies are the preferred family dogs and love to spend their time outside. This dog breed easily adjusts with emotional support dog letter and its owner, and you can easily train them.

Basenjis are also a healthy dog ​​breed, and they are known for being quiet and non-barking. They live up to 13 to 14 years. Basenjis are energetic, and they shed very little. It is great for people who have kids. It is the oldest dog breed in the world. They become the best emotional support animal and help in your mind related issues.

They are playful and friendly. English foxhounds are the perfect family dogs, and they are great with kids and pets. With proper exercise, they live up to about 13 years. This dog is used for foxhunting and ideal for those people who live in a rural area or on a farm. English foxhounds do not need extensive exercise, and they require less grooming. All they need is occasional brushing. Like other hound breeds, these dogs love exploring and following their nose.

Chihuahuas are the most intelligent dog breeds, and they need less exercise and grooming. These dogs have the largest brain as compared to their body size. They live up to 12 to 20 years and make excellent lap dogs because of their small size.

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