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The PA-5000 Series firewalls

Detect and Prevent Advanced Threats: Today, most modern malware, including ransomware variants, leverage advanced techniques to transport attacks or exploits through network security devices and tools. An NGFW utilizes systems that can identify evasive techniques and automatically counteract them. For example, it uses multiple methods of analysis to detect unknown threats, including static analysis with machine learning, dynamic analysis and bare metal analysis. By using a cloud-based architecture, the threat detection and prevention can be supported at mass scale across the network, endpoint and cloud.

Architecture Matters: As the number of needed security functions continues to increase, there are two options: add another security device or add a function to an existing device. When the NGFW is built on the right architecture, it's possible to add a function to a next-generation firewall, instead of adding another security device. This type of integrated approach offers benefits and advantages that discrete devices cannot.
Deployment Flexibility: NGFWs are available in both physical and virtual form factors to fit a variety of deployment scenarios and performance needs.
Shared Threat Intelligence: Organizations rely on multiple sources of threat intelligence to ensure the widest possible visibility into emerging threats, but they struggle to aggregate, correlate, validate and share indicators across different feeds. An NGFW automatically transforms this information into actionable controls that prevent future attacks.

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