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What a telecom engineer should know?

This industry is highly sensitive to the slightest change in regulatory, technological, and economic factors and has its own share of challenges largely stemming from these factors. With wireless and broadband providing the needed momentum to their growth, the industry players adopt unique strategies to overcome these challenges and move forward to connect people to people and organizations.

In today's world the telephone, long-distance, cable / video, cellular, and telecommunications equipment industries are increasingly intertwined. Major challenges of this industry are globalization trends, competitive implications of new technologies, and the changing regulatory environment.
Mobile phones have had a significant impact on telephone networks. Mobile phone subscriptions now outnumber fixed-line subscriptions in many markets. Sales of mobile phones in 2005 totaled 816.6 million.

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Samsung has spent "huge" money to lease out the property, Singh said, declining to give specifics. Samsung, which runs 2,100 stores in India through franchise partners, is facing off against a host of Chinese brands led by Xiaomi Corp. It has pulled pages from their playbooks to become savvier with online marketing - launching devices aimed at millennials, seeking to reinvent itself as a 'younger brand' and finding a new love for cricket with a sponsorship deal. It also open the door of jobs in telecom sectors.

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