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prospective network automation

Train your workforce adequately for the transition
The platform needs some getting-used-to before it can be deployed effectively. Make sure your engineers are given appropriate training by the vendor to acclimatize them to the platform. Even the most powerful tool can yield abysmal results when not used properly.

Conduct regular audits to enforce security and policy compliance
It's natural for devices to gradually veer off the track with changes and updates to the network (known as configuration drift). With time, such incremental deviations can amount to a critical violation that can wreak havoc on your network. Make sure your automation platform keeps your network in line with security measures and policies by routinely conducting audits that help you detect and remediate those deviations as and when they occur.

Explore, experiment, and expand
Don't just stop with automating one or two processes. With the right platform, most moderately modern networks can be made amenable to full-cycle orchestration. Once you've got the desired results with the platform in the initial phases of automation, gradually step-up its scope and let it take over the entire network and all of its processes.

Future of Network Automation
Sensible network automation is key to adopting newer network technologies like software-defined networking (SDN), intent-based networking (IBN), and network function virtualization (NFV), that are much needed in the highly-digitalized business environment . The future is in the cloud, which means the automation should span hybrid and multi-cloud environments, along with the traditional on-premise ones.

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