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At first, the architect is to realize what the customers expect to get, that is functional and quality requirements to the finished product since it is crucial for the future structure of the solution they are to work on. Being aware of such data, the architect figures out what structural elements will compose the system and defines how they will collaborate. After that, all the components are united into a larger system and brought into line with major business goals. In case the qualified specialist does their job by the book but with a dash of creativity, the final product will be a top-notch solution where business risks are kept to a minimum and functionality lives up to the customer's expectations. 

Software architecture is sometimes confused with software design. While having a common overarching goal (that is, obtaining a robust solution that delivers), these two have their own role in reaching the ultimate destination. Anatomically speaking, software architecture provides a backbone to which muscles and ligaments are attached whereas software design focuses on the tissues that provide the adequate functioning of the whole organism. 
Software designers deal closely with the structure and development of the elements, taking care of coding, integration, design per se, and subsequent testing. Thus, it is the designers who implement the blueprint compiled by architects in accordance with the customer's requirements.

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