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Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you do not use condoms during sex with an unfamiliar partner, there is a risk of contracting diseases that are transmitted sexually. There are at least 25 such diseases. The most common gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, AIDS. Many of these diseases are dangerous to health, can lead to infertility, sexual disorders in men and women, some of which are passed from mother to child during birth or through breastfeeding.

Infected with STDs can not only vaginal, but oral and anal sex or genital contact.
The most common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases by: itching, unusual or heavy discharge from the genitals, various rashes in the genital area, frequent and painful urination. Symptoms usually appear 3-7 days after infection. Appear unusually heavy discharge from the genitals, burning during urination and pain in the abdomen, may be discharge from the anus, pain in the throat.

Temperature may rise. With the development of disease in women infection enters the ovaries and tubes, in men affected prostate gland, which leads to serious complications, including infertility. In adults and children the infection can be entered on the mucous membrane of the eye, with its significant inflammation occurs with copious purulent secretions. The patient's mother can infect the baby during childbirth. Possible contamination by a common household objects, a common bedding, towels, lipstick.

Sometimes the disease is asymptomatic, especially in women. Some symptoms of STDs go away without treatment, but this does not mean that the disease has passed since the pathogen remains in the body. The patient may become a source of infection for others. After a while, the disease may flare up again. During the treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse. All diseases are transmitted sexually, except AIDS are treatable if properly diagnosed and treatment started promptly and brought to an end. To the doctor to be treated when the first symptoms. Treated early by a doctor and follow-up guarantee recovery. Treatment is carried out necessarily both sexual partners.

If you have any suspicion of sexually transmitted diseases, in no case be engaged in samodiagnoztirovaniem and self-medicate and when the first signs of the disease should immediately contact a doctor, venereal diseases, urologist or gynecologist.

When the disease sexually transmitted diseases should be strictly observe good personal hygiene after using the toilet must wash their hands with soap and water. Men should not squeeze out the pus from the urethra - this can cause the spread of infection.

In the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is recommended to drink plenty of liquids and exclusion from the daily diet spicy foods, alcohol and beer. We do not recommend swimming pool, cycling and cycling, as well as great physical exertion and prolonged walking.

For the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases prescribe antibiotics. Zithromax is the most effective. Unacceptably premature termination of treatment, it is necessary to complete their treatment because even when the first improvement and disappearance of the outward signs of sexually transmitted diseases. It is recommended after treatment re-examination.

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