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Technical solution architect jobs

Technology has managed to integrate into our daily life like nothing else has done before. We use it to send mails, heat our food, order a taxi and even to do our grocery shopping. Just as our daily life is complemented by the use of cell phones or other devices, our home, our offices and the spaces that surround us should also be part of this innovation. That is why today we will talk about home automation architecture .

Technical solution architect

The term domotics is formed from the union of the words domus , which means house, and autonomous , which means "that governs itself." This perhaps gives you an idea of ​​what home automation is. It is an interconnected system within an establishment (home, office, shopping center, etc.) that allows complete control of the elements by means of a device at your fingertips, providing day-to-day comfort.

What is a technical architect?


If you need to combine your IT information with elements of a managerial or management position, then you definitely may want to bear in mind turning into a technical architect. This process acts as a bridge among era and the business facet of an organization.

Technical solution architect

You'll oversee small and big IT tasks from begin to finish, act as a critical link among managers and groups of designers and developers, and likely have an entry into an organization's basic IT method and direction.

In most instances, you'll paintings within the IT department of a huge organization, or for an IT organization that specializes in delivering assignments for commercial enterprise customers. The obligations of a technical architect include:

running along managers or clients to agree with their IT requirements
figuring out the hardware and software a good way to be needed
explaining plans agreed with managers to designers and developers
organizing the workloads of the technical groups within the maximum greenway
monitoring the development of the undertaking and ensuring it's finished on time
reporting progress again to managers or customers
wearing out a number of the technical work, relying on your degree of seniority
checking IT systems paintings as intended
advising and suggesting destiny IT trends to managers or clients.
Technical architects can earn anywhere between £30,000 and £80,000 in step with year relying on experience, with the possibility of higher salaries at senior levels. Jobs are available everywhere within the UK, with the bulk in London.

You'll normally work well known workplace hours, but regularly with the expectation that you'll be positioned in overtime or paintings weekends to make sure time limits are met.

There is some crossover with the position of venture manager, even though these may go in other sectors inclusive of construction, engineering or marketing.