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The best open-source firewalls to protect your network

The firewall is the primary protecting defend of a community to test and permit / deny each incoming and outgoing traffic. Properly configured, our community may be capable of perform with higher safety because of the manipulate this is carried out, and, of course, it'll be secure in opposition to suspicious traffic. From RedesZone, we are able to suggest a few open-supply firewall solutions. The truth that you may have greater manipulate than the device can do because of its open supply feature, is already a tremendous advantage.

It is ideal to don't forget that the time period open-supply does now no longer imply that the software program is free. Rather, it refers back to the truth that the consumer has get right of entry to to the supply code. One of the benefits of that is that it's miles feasible to sell collaboration amongst a couple of customers of an open-supply program. They can audit and / or alter the supply code with entire independence and in line with their needs.

On the opposite hand, there are greater opportunities for the packages to be updated. Not most effective in terms of usability however additionally in phrases of safety . Now, most effective if I actually have a big community infrastructure can I put in force additives along with firewalls? Not.

Open-supply packages offer each company and man or woman customers the possibility to configure all important community features for correct operation. In short, there are answers that permit the configuration of routing features and networks in general, along with DHCP and DNS. Back to the point out of safety, those open-supply packages have numerous functions that permit including a full-size safety defend: firewalls, antivirus, antispam offerings and internet filters.

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Using checkpoints to revert virtual machines to an earlier state

One of the great benefits of virtualization is the ability to easily save the state of a virtual machine. In Hyper-V, this is done using virtual machine checkpoints. It may be recommended to create a virtual machine checkpoint before making software configuration changes by applying a software update or installing new software. If a system change causes a problem, the virtual machine can be reverted to the state it was in when the checkpoint was obtained.
Windows 10 Hyper-V includes two types of checkpoints:
Standard Checkpoints : takes a snapshot of the virtual machine and the memory status of the virtual machine at the time the checkpoint is started. A snapshot is not a full backup and can cause data consistency problems with systems that replicate data between different nodes, such as Active Directory. Hyper-V offered only standard checkpoints (previously called snapshots) before Windows 10.
Production Checkpoints : uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service or the File System Freeze on a Linux virtual machine to create a consistent backup with the virtual machine data. No snapshots of the state of virtual machine memory are created.
Production checkpoints are selected by default, but this can be changed using Hyper-V Manager or PowerShell.

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Find the appropriate Microsoft Azure certificate for you

Are you looking to get Azure certificate? Our portfolio ranges from fundamentals to role-based and professional certifications to help demonstrate and improve your skills in a modern cloud environment. 

Use your career to find certification
If you build, deploy, or manage on-premises, on cloud and edge, we have certificates for you. You can also match a certification with your occupation (or the person you desire). Some certificates are more suitable for system administrators (IT pros), developers, or data and artificial intelligence (AI) professionals, and others are suitable for a wide range of technical subjects in industries. How can you decide which certification is best for you?

Discover our qualifications by profession:

System administrators (IT pros)
Data and AI experts
Or build your technology platform:

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What is Network Security: Introduction to Network Security

What is Network Security?
Network security is the process of taking preventive measures to protect the underlying network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, replacement, destruction or inappropriate disclosure.

The Internet has undoubtedly become a big part of our lives. Many people in today's generation rely on the Internet for many of their professional, social and personal activities. But are you sure your network is secure?

There are many people who try to harm our Internet-connected computers, violate our privacy and make Internet services impossible. Given the frequency and diversity of existing attacks and the threat of new and more devastating future attacks, network security has become a central issue in cyber security. Implementing network security measures enables computers, users and programs to perform their critical functions in a safe environment.

How can we ensure network security?
We must ensure that passwords are Strong and Complex everywhere, not only on individual computers within the organization, but also within the network. These passwords should not be simple, default and easy-to-guess passwords. This simple step can go a long way to securing your networks.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

As an AWS Solution Architect fresher, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is the great choice for you! However, the subsequent degree to your profession route is viable via the AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional examination. You can cross for this certification after serving for 2 or greater years as an AWS Solution architect.

The certification examination is to be had in English,

Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese languages. The period of the examination is round a hundred and seventy minutes, i.E., 2 hours and 50 minutes. The registration charge for the examination is USD 300. Candidates ought to seem for the certification examination at a checking out middle in their desire. The layout of questions could be more than one desire and more than one solution questions. The certification examination checks the subsequent competencies of candidates.

Design and deployment of dynamically scalable, fault-tolerant, reliable, and notably to be had packages on AWS packages.
Selection of suitable AWS offerings for designing and deploying packages.
Migration of complicated and multi-tier packages on AWS.

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computer service technician jobs 2020


Graduate with secondary or better education (or pupil withinside the very last years) withinside the fields: electrical (electronics / automation / computers, energy), informatics, mechatronics - enthusiastic about IT&C;
Basic or superior understanding of IT&C hardware & software program;
Knowledge of PC operation and simple software program packages for office (Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office package, etc.);
Professional enjoy withinside the IT&C carrier field (1-2 years).
Pt. control role calls for better education and min. 2 years of expert enjoy;
Relevant enjoy and / or ownership of certifications / qualifications / skills withinside the IT&C field (ex: Microsoft, Linux, VmWare, HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, BitDefender, Eset Nod32, Kasperky, etc) - is a bonus for Senior and control role;

Knowledge of English;
Ability to paintings in a team;
Ambitious, creative, proactive person, with a evolved spirit of competition, resistance to stress, availability for prolonged operating hours;
The preference for everlasting improvement;
Customer orientation, overall performance and results;
Availability for journey so as to take part in diverse technical education sessions (expert education) and particular occasions prepared via way of means of the company (inner and / or external);
Category B vehicle permit - is a bonus

Performs works / operations of: PC meeting and testing, diagnostics, maintenance, carrier interventions and repairs, each hardware and software program for IT&C equipment (computers / PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.) on the company's headquarters and / or customers;
Maintaining the everlasting contact / courting with the present customers in addition to the lively and everlasting participation withinside the improvement of the patron portfolio via way of means of figuring out and / or producing new commercial enterprise opportunities (Contracts & Service Day);
Fill withinside the files particular to the department's activity (Service Intervention Forms, Invoices, etc.);
Participates and promotes to customers, thru displays and demonstrations, the products, answers and offerings provided via way of means of the company;
Achieving the goal of income and offerings (interventions) of IT&C carrier and offerings.


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what does a solutions architect do?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 helps virtual machines and other hardware.This is catching the attention of those who want to make the hardware architecture more efficient. But it's just a small part of what Amazon Web Services does

In terms of storage, you have Amazon S3, where object-oriented data is being replaced by older systems such as redundant backup disk arrays (RAID) that combine security and performance benefits. Then Amazon SNS for Integration with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for developers and Amazon Autoscaling for server groups.

Another important Amazon proposal is the AWS Lambda for a serverless design.

Serverless is destructive because it allows businesses to unlock their service functions from virtualized or in-house hardware settings. Just by ordering the function, Lambda's server-free capabilities have many options at the fingertips - but again, they may need the help of the AWS solution architect to build a virtual data center. Real or application system Internal business development or expansion project (To learn more about serverless calculations, see Serverless calculations: Which service is right for you?)

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Cisco releases small business router vulnerability patch to advise users to update

Interesting vulnerabilities are as follows.

CVE-2020-3330 - A Small Business RV110W Vulnerability in Telnet Services, as System Account has Default Password, May Lead to Take over the Machine
CVE-2020-3323 - This is a vulnerability for Small Business RV110W, RV130, RV130W, and RV215W that appears on the Management Portal page, which allows the attacker to send an HTTP request to attack to execute code in the context of Root.
CVE-2020-3144 - This is a vulnerability for Small Business RV110W, RV130, RV130W, and RV215W, where a criminal may bypass authentication to execute administrative commands. Due to a vulnerability in the Management Portal
CVE-2020-3331 - A vulnerability that affects the Cisco RV110W Wireless-N VPN Firewall and the Cisco RV215W Wireless-N VPN router, which has poor input management and can lead to executing code in the context of Root.
CVE-2020-3140 - Vulnerability in Prime License Manager (PLM) is a privilege escalation due to insufficient input management.
However, there are still some serious vulnerabilities in this patch that affect products such as Identity Services, email services, SD-Wan, vManage and vEdge, WebEx Meeting, and others. Therefore, the relevant parties should update.

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Cisco ASA firewall

Protect yourself from intrusion tries with Cisco ASA firewalls.

Simple and brief to manage, you configure your filtering policies without delay from a graphical interface in https:// patron access thru Java.

Firewall uses:

The Cisco ASA firewall ensures maximum protection, thanks to its many features:

Application Inspection: manipulate application, support of voice and video protocols

Intrusion Prevention: real-time safety against assaults from DOS applications, detection and filtering of worms and viruses in community activity, detection of spyware, adware and malware
Securing IPCom: Advanced inspection of voice protocols, unique IP signatures
Manage as much as 450 Mbps of traffic (via ASA5520)
Enable or disable your firewall, without delay out of your Manager.
Transparent mode only ("routed" mode no longer available)

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The profile of the software architect

Do you like to study, are you able to learn new things, are you open to challenges, analyze situations before making a decision and have communication and people management skills? If you said yes to all of the above, being a software architect can be, However, do not think that it will be easy to play this role in companies, because it is necessary to have a very sharp critical and analytical sense for decision making to be faster. 

Technical knowledge is also essential for this professional to be able to find the best solution for business since it is essential to take into account the resources, tools, and systems available to develop new projects or update existing software. Within the competencies, the profile of the software architect must meet some basic characteristics:

what skills does an architect need

Creativity Part of this professional's routine will be to address different solutions to potential problems and abstractions without actually having a palpable object in front of him. There, the architect has to have a playful mind to think about using the available technologies in effective ways out of Comfort Zone His. 
Critical Sense 
The Architect Must Have An Analytical View Of The Problems Presented In Order To Develop Solutions Suited To The Needs Of The Business Based On A Consistent, Effective And Assertive Strategy. 
Keeping up to date and exploring the constant technological innovations is the foundation of an IT professional in any area. Since it is important to test different patterns, updates, and new languages. Thus, it will be easier to develop creativity and critical sense in decision making. 
In Dealing With Different Areas, People And Difficulties On A Daily Basis, The Professional Will Need To Seek Ways To Combat The Stress Of Making Decisions About Pressure Or Changes In The Direction Of A Project. 
Dealing with people and exploring personal charisma is essential to acting as a software architect, as it will often be essential to use oratory to explain what actions are necessary to develop a solution or application for other teams and even clients of a 

Check Point: cybernetic cold war coming

The new cybernetic "cold war" will intensify - There will be a new cold war, and it will take place online, while the western and eastern powers will increasingly divide their technologies and intelligence. The ongoing trade war between the United States and China and the growing gap between the two super economies is a clear indicator of this trend.

Cyber ​​attacks will be increasingly used as proxy wars, exactly as happens in the case of conflicts between minor countries, but in reality financed and allowed by large "protective" nations that seek to strengthen and extend their spheres of influence, such as it has been observed in recent IT operations against Iran , following the attacks on the oil structures of Saudi Arabia.

Fake news 2.0 at the 2020 US elections - The 2016 American elections saw the start of the spread of fake news based on artificial intelligence. Political opponents have made huge progress by creating ad hoc teams that create and spread fictitious stories to undermine support for opponents. U.S. candidates predict that overseas political movements are already implementing strategies to influence the 2020 elections.

Cyber ​​attacks on essential public services and strategic infrastructure will continue to grow - Essential services continue to be subject to cyber attacks, as was seen this year by attacks on US and South African utilities companies . In many cases, the infrastructures that have proved more sensitive are those for the distribution of energy and water, since they use a more backward technology that has proved vulnerable to remote threats because the update could have caused the interruption of the services . States will have to try to strengthen IT protection for their infrastructure considerably.

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Types of firewalls

Based on the type of control and analysis of data transmissions, we can distinguish the following types of firewalls:

Firewall with packet filter
On the net, the data are transmitted through some protocols, among which the most common is TCP / IP . Each dataset is divided into "packets": the sender contacts the recipient and when he accepts the connection, he sends the packets to him. Each packet has a header with different information that allows the recipient to reconstruct the original data sent, including the IP addresses, the destination port and the transmission protocol.

Packet filter firewalls analyze the data contained in these labels, compare them with the filter rules set and decide whether to block or let the connection pass. This type of firewall is reliable but limited , as it is exposed to various modern threats such as spoofing the IP , or the replacement of an IP that would be blocked with a legitimate one. To address these limitations, firewalls have been created that also check the connection status, as we will see below.

Firewall with analysis of the connection status
These firewalls, known in English as stateful inspection , not only analyze data packets, but also the state of the connection, the ports used on computers and the transmission protocols. Nowadays the stateful inspection firewalls are considered an industry standard and most firewall applications it implements the functionality.

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Market analysis Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

The Global Market Report for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems 2020 is a comprehensive survey that focuses on the overall consumption structure, development trends, sales models and sales of major countries in the global market for Intrusion Detection and Systems Prevention. The market research Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems provides information on the size, trends, growth, cost structure, capacity, revenue and forecast of the industry Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems for 2025. This report it also includes the general study of the market share Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems with all its aspects that influence the growth of the market.

cisco intrusion prevention system

Global market research for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems provides a basic overview of the industry, including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The market report Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems is provided for international markets, as well as development trends, competitive scenario analysis and development status of the main regions.

Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also indicates consumption, supply and demand for import / export, data, cost, price, revenue and gross margins.


What is an intrusion detection system?

Intrusion detection systems are often part of other security systems or software, along with the intention of protecting information systems.

IDS security works in combination with authentication measures and authorization access control, as a double line of defense against intrusion.

Firewalls and antivirus or malware software are typically configured on each individual device on a network, but as businesses grow, newer or more unknown devices such as cell phones and USBs come and go. Firewalls and anti-malware software alone are not enough to protect an entire network from attack. They act as a small part of an entire security system.

Using a full IDS as part of your security system is vital and is intended to be applied across your network in different ways.

An IDS can capture snapshots of your entire system and then use intelligence gathered from pre-established patterns to determine when an attack occurs or provide information and analysis on how an attack occurred.

Essentially, there are several components for intrusion preparation:

knowledge of potential intrusions,
prevention of potential intrusions,
knowledge of past and active intrusions, and
response to intrusion.
While it may seem "too late" once an attack has already occurred, knowing what intrusions have happened or been attempted in the past can be a vital tool in preventing future attacks. Knowing the extent of an attack's intrusion is also important in determining your response and responsibilities to stakeholders who depend on the security of your systems.

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Proactive Protection for Any Network

Types of Prevention
An intrusion prevention system is typically configured to use a number of different approaches to protect the network from unauthorised access. These include:

Signature-Based - The signature-based approach uses predefined signatures of well-known network threats. When an attack is initiated that matches one of these signatures or patterns, the system takes necessary action.
Anomaly-Based - The anomaly-based approach monitors for any abnormal or unexpected behavior on the network. If an anomaly is detected, the system blocks access to the target host immediately.
Policy-Based - This approach requires administrators to configure security policies according to organizational security policies and the network infrastructure. When an activity occurs that violates a security policy, an alert is triggered and sent to the system administrators.
IPS - Proactive Protection for Any Network
IPS solutions offer proactive prevention against some of today's most notorious network exploits. When deployed correctly, an IPS prevents severe damage from being caused by malicious or unwanted packets and brute force attacks.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) from ForcePoint provides advanced intrusion prevention and detection for any network, allowing you to respond to threats within minutes, not hours, and protect your most critical data and application assets.

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What is a Site Engineer CORE Network?

A site engineer CORE network is a person tasked with installing telecom core nodes to allow firms in the sector to provide coverage for their customers. Site engineers for CORE networks need to be able to supervise and implement cabling, grounding, and cooling, and creating building drawings.

IT and telecom companies need site engineer CORE network for site investigation, documentation, and a range of support activities, including pre-studies

Field Engineer also gives site engineers all the tools they need to find suitable freelance work. Site engineers join the platform and start applying for jobs posted by employers. Employers will then look at their track record, reviews from previous jobs, and make their selection. Field Engineer gives freelancers access to hundreds of potential employers in the IT and telecoms industry, all in need of site engineer CORE network services.

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ericsson network engineer