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what does a solutions architect do?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 helps virtual machines and other hardware.This is catching the attention of those who want to make the hardware architecture more efficient. But it's just a small part of what Amazon Web Services does

In terms of storage, you have Amazon S3, where object-oriented data is being replaced by older systems such as redundant backup disk arrays (RAID) that combine security and performance benefits. Then Amazon SNS for Integration with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for developers and Amazon Autoscaling for server groups.

Another important Amazon proposal is the AWS Lambda for a serverless design.

Serverless is destructive because it allows businesses to unlock their service functions from virtualized or in-house hardware settings. Just by ordering the function, Lambda's server-free capabilities have many options at the fingertips - but again, they may need the help of the AWS solution architect to build a virtual data center. Real or application system Internal business development or expansion project (To learn more about serverless calculations, see Serverless calculations: Which service is right for you?)

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