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The profile of the software architect

Do you like to study, are you able to learn new things, are you open to challenges, analyze situations before making a decision and have communication and people management skills? If you said yes to all of the above, being a software architect can be, However, do not think that it will be easy to play this role in companies, because it is necessary to have a very sharp critical and analytical sense for decision making to be faster. 

Technical knowledge is also essential for this professional to be able to find the best solution for business since it is essential to take into account the resources, tools, and systems available to develop new projects or update existing software. Within the competencies, the profile of the software architect must meet some basic characteristics:

what skills does an architect need

Creativity Part of this professional's routine will be to address different solutions to potential problems and abstractions without actually having a palpable object in front of him. There, the architect has to have a playful mind to think about using the available technologies in effective ways out of Comfort Zone His. 
Critical Sense 
The Architect Must Have An Analytical View Of The Problems Presented In Order To Develop Solutions Suited To The Needs Of The Business Based On A Consistent, Effective And Assertive Strategy. 
Keeping up to date and exploring the constant technological innovations is the foundation of an IT professional in any area. Since it is important to test different patterns, updates, and new languages. Thus, it will be easier to develop creativity and critical sense in decision making. 
In Dealing With Different Areas, People And Difficulties On A Daily Basis, The Professional Will Need To Seek Ways To Combat The Stress Of Making Decisions About Pressure Or Changes In The Direction Of A Project. 
Dealing with people and exploring personal charisma is essential to acting as a software architect, as it will often be essential to use oratory to explain what actions are necessary to develop a solution or application for other teams and even clients of a 

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