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Proactive Protection for Any Network

Types of Prevention
An intrusion prevention system is typically configured to use a number of different approaches to protect the network from unauthorised access. These include:

Signature-Based - The signature-based approach uses predefined signatures of well-known network threats. When an attack is initiated that matches one of these signatures or patterns, the system takes necessary action.
Anomaly-Based - The anomaly-based approach monitors for any abnormal or unexpected behavior on the network. If an anomaly is detected, the system blocks access to the target host immediately.
Policy-Based - This approach requires administrators to configure security policies according to organizational security policies and the network infrastructure. When an activity occurs that violates a security policy, an alert is triggered and sent to the system administrators.
IPS - Proactive Protection for Any Network
IPS solutions offer proactive prevention against some of today's most notorious network exploits. When deployed correctly, an IPS prevents severe damage from being caused by malicious or unwanted packets and brute force attacks.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) from ForcePoint provides advanced intrusion prevention and detection for any network, allowing you to respond to threats within minutes, not hours, and protect your most critical data and application assets.

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