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How to become an architect

What does he do and how to become an architect
The Architect is a professional figure who, thanks to his technical training, is able to carry out urban, building and architectural projects, to design monument restorations, design landscapes, installations, interiors. The architects, however, knowing the harmonious bases of the construction of spaces, are also used in areas further away from the field of construction.


what skills do you need to be an architect
The architect conceives, designs, designs and evaluates the feasibility of a project, also using software and IT tools. Very often the architect creates projects on commission: in this case his ability lies in giving shape to his client's wishes, understanding first of all their needs, in order to then be able to translate it into a project that is feasible, that is, that respects the rules in force regarding construction, planning, respect for the environment and, above all, safety. From all these details, harmonized and made "visible" thanks to both physical and virtual drawings and renderings, costs and timing are established. Once a design has been approved, the architect translates the design into construction documents, which provide builders with technical specifications. The architect also follows the progress of the work on site, interfacing with engineers, site managers, workers and technicians.

There are, as already mentioned, different areas in which an architect can express his skills:

design of new industrial or civil buildings
renovation / redevelopment of existing buildings
territorial planning
restoration of ancient buildings
interior design
computer graphics
Where does the architect work?
The architect can work as a freelancer, or for architectural firms, construction companies or public bodies. He can work on commission, or participate in public tenders, competitions and tenders: in this case the architect (or the architectural firm) must prepare a project proposal to convince the commission to entrust him with the construction. Within construction sites, a professional architect can be chosen to fill the functions of site manager and construction manager.

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