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What should be the skills of an architect?

When graduating, a rare sensation among architects is common: not knowing what is known. To draw? Not so much. Technical details? You need specialists. Can you build from scratch? No, not yet, lack of practice. So, what do we really know?

Below, we share six skills you learn as an architect that you may not have noticed.

Abstraction Capacity
When developing a project, a completely abstract spatial reasoning is needed to be able to imagine the three-dimensional solutions that will be carried out in a space that is still empty or that will be reformed. All this construction of thought is represented through architectural drawings that contain a considerable amount of information. For many people to understand this abstraction is a great challenge, however, for architects this task of abstracting the physical space in ideas, representing and understanding them through a graphic representation becomes a natural practice.

technical solution architect

Multidimensional notion of quality of life in a space
From the idea of ​​the basic refuge to the residence as we understand it today, we have taken a big step. The house alone does not satisfy our needs and as architects we know this because the quality of life is understood through a multidimensional analysis. This equation includes: lighting, implantation, scale, proportions, colors, materials, ventilation, insulation, structure, textures. This can also be understood on an urban scale: a square will not succeed only because it is a square, but because of the multiple invisible variables that are fundamental for people and that guarantee the triumph of a space. For example, why doesn't anyone go to a park if it doesn't have trees? You probably know.

Multidisciplinary coordination
The idea of ​​the omnipotent architect has hurt us as experts. It was an explosion of confidence in the face of a truly real skill: the ability to integrate different disciplines and stages. You understand that a good design is not enough, it certainly raised the self-esteem of architects of other generations, but we already know that this leads to nothing. Today it is essential to know how to sell your idea, plan its construction, understand your project and add to the specialties. 

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