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How to grow to Solution Architect

Clarification of task necessities and conversation with the consumer. Most regularly this takes place on the level of pre-sale or discovery. Architects assist to attract up a business inspiration to the consumer - for this they talk plenty with him directly, regularly pass on commercial enterprise journeys to study the paintings of the commercial enterprise from the inside. Sometimes, if vital, that is additionally supplemented via way of means of consulting the consumer on technical troubles or a technical audit of current answers.

Technological studies and prototyping. Usually, on the begin of a task, the architect might not be privy to a number of the nuances of the use of the vital technologies, so there's a want to examine and recognize the opportunities and barriers of positive answers in greater depth.

To do this, he develops prototypes - the small elements of the gadget which can be had to ensure that the thoughts that the architect comes up with are virtually working.Final product structure. Having shaped a technical solution, Solution Architect provides it to the consumer and coordinates all of the details. At this level, the architect prepares an outline of the high-stage structure or a number of its elements which can be in improvement.Detailed documentation on low-stage layout in contemporary-day IT isn't always completed so regularly.

This is because of the reality that Solution Architect in bendy initiatives communicates carefully with the crew, explains the structure, its thoughts, possibilities and barriers. Low-stage layout is completed throughout improvement and without delay receives into the code. In turn, the crew offers comments at the structure, whether or not the entirety is being carried out and what are the difficulties.


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