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Patch this critical firewall bug in Firepower Management Center

Cisco is urging clients to replace its Firepower Management Center software program, after customers knowledgeable it of a crucial malicious program that attackers may want to make the most over the internet.

The vulnerability is due to a glitch withinside the manner Cisco's software program handles Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication responses from an outside authentication server. Remote attackers may want to make the most the flaw with the aid of using sending specifically crafted HTTP requests to the device.

Devices are prone if they've been configured to authenticate customers of the net interface via an outside LDAP server. The networking enterprise recommends that admins visit System > Users > External Authentication to look whether or not it's been configured for outside LDAP authentication.

How clients need to remediate the difficulty will rely on which launch of Firepower Management Center (FMC) they're running. There isn't anyt any workaround, however hotfix patches are to be had for numerous new releases of FMC, and renovation releases that cope with the flaw are scheduled for later this year.

"Customers can also additionally set up a repair both with the aid of using upgrading to a hard and fast launch or with the aid of using putting in a hotfix patch," Cisco notes.

Cisco recommends that clients on FMC in advance than – that's not supported – migrate to a supported version. However, there's a hotfix to be had.

Customers on, 6.2.1, and 6.2.2 need to migrate to a brand new version, along with FMC launch 6.2.3, which has a patch to be had and could see a renovation launch in February, at the same time as a renovation launch is coming for structures on launch in May 2020. Release additionally has a patch to be had now

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