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Check Point: cybernetic cold war coming

The new cybernetic "cold war" will intensify - There will be a new cold war, and it will take place online, while the western and eastern powers will increasingly divide their technologies and intelligence. The ongoing trade war between the United States and China and the growing gap between the two super economies is a clear indicator of this trend.

Cyber ​​attacks will be increasingly used as proxy wars, exactly as happens in the case of conflicts between minor countries, but in reality financed and allowed by large "protective" nations that seek to strengthen and extend their spheres of influence, such as it has been observed in recent IT operations against Iran , following the attacks on the oil structures of Saudi Arabia.

Fake news 2.0 at the 2020 US elections - The 2016 American elections saw the start of the spread of fake news based on artificial intelligence. Political opponents have made huge progress by creating ad hoc teams that create and spread fictitious stories to undermine support for opponents. U.S. candidates predict that overseas political movements are already implementing strategies to influence the 2020 elections.

Cyber ​​attacks on essential public services and strategic infrastructure will continue to grow - Essential services continue to be subject to cyber attacks, as was seen this year by attacks on US and South African utilities companies . In many cases, the infrastructures that have proved more sensitive are those for the distribution of energy and water, since they use a more backward technology that has proved vulnerable to remote threats because the update could have caused the interruption of the services . States will have to try to strengthen IT protection for their infrastructure considerably.

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